Dog Grooming Tips and Supplies On your Canine Companion


master dog groomer

One of the most important things you can do on your dog is conserve a consistent and proper dog grooming routine. In addition to keeping your dog clean and smelling good, both for you and your guest's sake, there are many health concerns that pet grooming address. Your dog's coat and skin are essential to your dog and oftentimes are indicative of other medical problems that may be lurking. Grooming your dog properly, following correct dog grooming instructions, helps to keep her healthy whilst building an important bond between you and the pet.

Basic Grooming your dog Instructions

Since grooming a dog is such an important part of your job as an owner, you should not only have a sound and regular routine, however you should have the proper knowledge, brushes, shampoos, clippers and other necessary equipment. With correct grooming your dog instructions, you can help help keep you dog healthy and clean.

professional dog grooming

A fundamental part of dog grooming, even before you commence thinking about baths, is merely brushing your dog's coat over a regular, preferably daily, basis. Brushing helps remove dirt and pests, untangles knots and spreads natural oils evenly from the coat. Each dog differs and you should consult your vet or a grooming expert around the proper type of brush to use based on your dog's breed. You must brush thoroughly, including her stomach, behind her legs and her ears.

Along with regular brushing, it's also wise to make sure you keep your dog's nails trimmed--an often overlooked facet of dog grooming. You will probably do monthly although it depends on your dog's habits and activities. Be sure you have proper trimmers made for dogs and do not cut them short. You'll want to stop trimming ahead of you reach the fast and don't forget to get your dog's dewclaw. Following these routine grooming a dog instructions will help maintain your dogs coat and nails but ought to be supplemented with a bath.

Grooming your dog - The Bath

A fundamental part of dog grooming is the bath. Even though it is okay to brush your dog daily, you should not bath your dog too often. Overbathing will slow up the vital oils that help keep your dog's coat healthy and bring about irritation and itching on the skin. Four times a year is a good rule of thumb, but this will change depending on the breed of your pet and the types of activities you and the pet regularly do. You should consult your vet or even a professional groomer should you be unclear of the proper frequency to your dog.

Before you just throw your puppy in the bath and begin lathering up you should be adequately prepared. Buy your shampoo (made for your dog not human shampoo), some brushes or combs, a washcloth, some cottonballs, a towel or two, and then for any other equipment or products you will need. You might want to use a detachable spray hose on your bath and a rubber mat makes a good idea to prevent slipping and sliding. Large breed dogs will most likely have to use the bathtub with all the rubber mat at the base, but smaller breeds can use a plastic basin or rubber storage bin.

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